3rd Annual Today's Q106 Radiothon for STWS

Become an ally of Serving Those Who Served and help us help more vets!

A fundraising campaign for Project Home

Project Home has been working for financially struggling community members, including military veterans, for nearly 50 years -- but this program, Serving Those Who Served, is different.  This is our program, built and supported by our community, to help vets right here.  This grassroots initiative is Project Home utilizing the knowledge and abilities of its staff to assist service members who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  

Serving Those Who Served is our way to give back to veterans who have given-up so much for us! 

Veterans of all ages & stages of life are eligible for our program.  We want home to be a safe, comfortable and healthy place for them...and we want to keep them in their homes! 

Here's more about the impact of STWS:

  • Project Home has reinvested nearly $400,000 through repairs, accessibility modifications and/or energy improvements at 36 area veterans' homes, since July of 2016, through STWS.

  • STWS has helped 78 people, counting veterans and their family members, including 25 senior citizens

  • 23 of the veterans served through STWS are disabled

  •      10 of the vets we’ve assisted had major energy concerns with their homes, but did           not qualify for the Weatherization Assistance Program. Thanks to STWS, we were     able to weatherize their homes to make them more comfortable and bring down              their energy bills.
  •     STWS has served 9 women veteran homeowners

Become an ally of Serving Those Who Served and invest in this initiative.  We need you & so do our veterans!

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About the Organization

For 48 years, Project Home has been committed to improving the quality and affordability of housing for low-to-moderate income residents in Dane and Green County (WI). Our work helps prevent homelessness; it is an investment in area homes, neighborhoods, communities and people.