20k Summer Match!

Help us to match a $20,000 donation this summer! Youth programming and equitable food access are in your hands.

A fundraising campaign for Youth Farm Project

YFP holds youth programs on our 22 acre farm in Danby and in the community. 

We have held important teen programs throughout the pandemic and continue to be strong! 

20 teens are working on the farm this summer, learning important job skills, supporting each other to challenge themselves and making new friends. Their work produces food for our community! 

This Fall the Social Justice Immersion program will focus on youth activism, and the Field Trip program will welcome elementary students back to the farm for day - for the first time since lockdown. 

Have you seen our murals around town? In 2021 we added an Art for Social Change program for teens! 

The cost of living is rising, the pandemic continues and the country is facing a mental health crisis, along with so many other challenges.  With community support we can continue to provide healthy experiences for young people and produce food for our community at the same time. 

Please join us in reaching a goal of $20,000 raised through community donations this summer. 

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