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A fundraising campaign for Kids In Danger

Kids In Danger is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting for children's product safety. In 1998, 16-month old Danny Keysar was strangled to death at his childcare facility from a portable crib collapsing on him. Frustrated by the inherently flawed product safety system, Danny's parents started KID. 20 years later, we're still here, and we're still fighting for safer products for our most vulnerable population, our children.

Over the past 20 years KID has:

  • Passed legislation named after Danny, Danny's Law.
  • Advocated for children.
  • Educated parents, grandparents and caregivers of the best practices and products to keep children safe.
  • Started the TEST program to teach young engineers how to watch out for product safety before development.

But KID's work isn't finished, and we need your support to keep our work going. Please donate to KID today! Give $1 for every year of KID victories.

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