2024 Alumni Legacy Campaign

Your donation today empowers current and future SSF residents, offering them more than just a place to stay, but a home away from home.

A fundraising campaign for Southern Scholarship Foundation

Transform Lives With Your Gift Today

The Southern Scholarship Foundation and

Alumni have established a goal to raise

$1,000,000 by 2030 to continue the legacy

of empowering students through education.

Thanks to alumni and friends, SSF has

exceeded the annual goal of $100,000 time

and again. As SSF draws near to this

milestone, your support becomes more

critical than ever.

Why Your Support Matters

Each donation supports an extraordinary

living and learning community that has

nurtured nearly 10,000 SSF alumni over 69

years. Your generosity directly impacts lives:

- 74% of residents are the first in

their families to attend college.

- 82% faced food insecurity before joining SSF.

- 92% identify as people of color.

 Catalyst for Change

When you donate to SSF, you're not just giving money; you're igniting potential and

fostering a future where every student can achieve their dreams, regardless of their

financial background. Here's how your gift makes a difference:

- Providing no-cost mental health services, supporting SSF residents' well-being.

- Fueling community building activities and socials that forge lifelong friendships.

- Offering leadership training for House Managers and Ambassadors, equipping them

with skills to lead and inspire.

- Enhancing SSF houses with necessary repairs, maintenance, and new furniture,

ensuring a safe and nurturing home away from home.

Leave your legacy at SSF! Support the next generation of the #SSFfamily and give today!

Your contribution today is more than a gift; it's a pledge to the next generation of leaders,

thinkers, and changemakers. This is your moment to leave a mark on the future. Your

donation, no matter the size, can transform lives and shape destinies.

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