2023 Cayuga Lake Community Fund

Supporting Engagement, Education & Equitable Access on Cayuga Lake.

A fundraising campaign for Discover Cayuga Lake

Dear Friends:

Since 2018, Discover Cayuga Lake has provided greater access to Cayuga Lake and inclusive, experiential programming for 1000's of adults, families, students and future conservation leaders.  We provide these opportunities at low-cost, or even for free if needed, to ensure that money is never a barrier.  Your contributions to DCL's Community Access Fund make this possible!

Our work is fueled by community support and eco-tourism programming.  During 2023, with help from donors like you and 10,000+ guests aboard the Teal, we provided:

  • Free Community Cruises featuring guest presentations, free Family Eco-Cruises, and reduced fare Club Cayuga DJ cruises - for 2500 families and community members;
  • Free weekly "Lake Explorers" cruises where over 300 aspiring watershed stewards participated in citizen monitoring efforts led by DCL and other local organizations;
  • Hands-on Floating Classroom and Trout in the Classroom programs for some 3000 students from schools throughout the region;
  • Internships, mentoring and summer employment for 18 teens and young adults, our rising community and conservation leaders.

Looking ahead to 2024, we hope to build on these successes, with emphasis on three key objectives:

  1. Employment and practical learning experiences for more young adults, via our Youth CFrew & Watershed Internship Programs;
  2. Floating Classroom cruises for students from every Cayuga Lake Watershed community, and beyond; 
  3. Ever-stronger collaboration with our partner organizations in watershed stewardship, to make all of our efforts more impactful.

Please help us maintain a "full head of steam" by contributing our Cayuga Lake Community Fund.  The Fund directly supports our free/low-cost programming for local schools and community groups, and ensures that our flagship, the M/V Teal, is in top condition every year. 


 LEARN HOW YOU CAN SPONSOR AN INTERN!:   www.DiscoverCayugaLake.org/donate.

Share this message with friends to help us successfully conclude our 2023 fundraising campaign!


*** Your support, via the Cayuga Lake Community Fund, both inspires and underwrites our 'Trout in the Classroom' and 'Floating Classroom' education programs, and our Community Cruise programming, which is intended to build an inclusive, all-ages community on the lake we all love.  The Fund also provides critical financial resources to conduct maintenance and required upgrades to MV Teal, valued between $75,000 and $100,000 annually. 
If a monetary donation is not possible, consider offering your time and wisdom. We are looking for volunteers, committee members and Board of Directors candidates!


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