2022 Class Gift

Show Your Class Spirit!

A fundraising campaign for College of Staten Island

2022 Class Gift
Start Your Legacy  

Join the Class of 2022 as we pay it forward to the next generation of CSI students, who will follow in our footsteps. The transition from students to alumni is a rite of passage that we all look forward to. The first step is participating in the Class Gift - a way of giving back to honor our college years.

                            Please make a suggested donation of $22 in honor of our Class Year.

(or whatever you can give - it's your participation that counts!)

All who donate $10 or more will receive a set of blue and gray spirit cords to wear at Commencement AND be entered into a drawing to win a brand new set of AirPods!  

With your help, we hope to provide a visible show of our gift with an outdoor mobile charging station. Your participation will make a difference!

Please pick up your spirit cords in Bldg. 1A- 103 during 9am - 5pm business hours.

Best wishes and congratulations to the Class of 2022!

2022 Class Gift Raffle Winner!

June 23, 2022

Congratulations to Taneil Taylor, Class of 2022, the raffle prize winner of a brand new set of AirPods and a case! Taniel earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and says, "Congrats Everybody!"

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the Class Gift to make it the most successful one ever, raising more than $5,000! Your Class has set a wonderful example of paying it forward to the next generation of students. Way to go Class of 2022! 

Get Your Spirit Cords!

May 23, 2022

Thank you for your generous support of the 2022 Class Gift. It has been an unprecedented success thanks to everyone who has participated! Reminder: Pick up your spirit cords in Bldg. 1A-Rm. 103 by 5 pm on Wed., 5/25/22, if you haven't already. You want to have them to wear on your Graduation Day! Congratulations and Best wishes to the CSI Class of 2022!     

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