2020 Painted Trotters of Goshen Sponsorship

Help support our project, keeping the trotters prancing around the Village!

A fundraising campaign for CFOS - Illuminate Goshen

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About the Organization

CFOS - Illuminate Goshen

Since 2015 Illuminate Goshen has been actively in pursuit of a more illuminated Village of Goshen. We dreamt, fund-raised, and partnered up with the Village we love, and were able to string the most beautiful strings of lights above Main street illuminating the beauty of our down-town. We were also able to hold a sulky drop for New Years, bringing together families from near and far to celebrate the ringing in of the new year together. Now that our organization is four years old, we are quickly growing with the help of our community members, and we could not be more excited about it. Now in addition to making sure that the Village is well lit, illuminating all our Village offers, we are also growing our Villages art and music connections. We will continue our summer concert series every Wednesday from July 11th to August 28th. Our summer concerts allow people of all ages to have accessible music right in the heart of the village whilst enjoying the open air. Each week is a new group throughout the summer. The Art Walks are back this year as well, putting the residents of...

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