2020 CUNY Law Review Scholarship Fund

Help us raise funds for our members and other CUNY Law students #ontheroadtosuccess towards financial assistance for unpaid public-interest summer internships.

A fundraising campaign for CUNY School of Law
The City University of New York Law Review (“CUNYLR”) aims to publish work authored by cutting-edge social justice scholars and public interest practitioners. We strive to provide a forum for community advocates, organizers, and allies, to influence and radicalize legal practice. These aims are motivated by the Law Review’s larger social justice vision: to address the consequences of structural oppression, and to challenge these structures themselves.

Our social justice mission is deeply integrated into the Law Review, with a rigorous article selection process that emphasizes innovative legal scholarship with a practical impact in support of low-income communities, communities of color, and other historically marginalized and disenfranchised groups of people. It was with this mission in mind that the Law Review created its unique Public-Interest Practice Section (“PIPS”), which incorporates “lessons from the field” from practitioners and community advocates. Additionally, the Law Review values a strong student voice, and publishes creative legal scholarship written by law students who are willing to take risks in our robust Notes & Comments section.

Each gift we receive goes straight towards our goal of two $2500 public interest summer fellowships to one CUNY student & one CUNY Law Review Staffer. These funds allow students to pay for housing, food, and transportation during their ten-week unpaid public interest summer internships. Please consider donating the transaction fee at the end of your transaction—the amount is a percentage of what you donated. Thank you! 

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About the Organization

Students come to study at CUNY School of Law, the premier public interest law school, because they want to change the world. The money we raise enhances student learning and fulfills the school’s mission of graduating outstanding public interest attorneys and enhancing the diversity of the legal profession.