2020 Community Counseling Fund

Reducing Stigma and Increasing Options for NBTX residents

A fundraising campaign for River City Advocacy & Counseling Center

River City Advocacy provides hope and healing to people, regardless of income or mental health diagnosis.

Mental health and wellness is already on the minds of millions of Texans: 76% of Texans have a a friend or family member that has experienced a mental health issue, and 9 in 10 believe it’s harder to discuss a mental health condition than a physical illness.* Despite this, many in need of care do not have access to affordable, quality mental health services. We know that Texans deserve better, and our community deserves better.

Our responsibility to our community is forged by our relationships to one another and our desire to strive for a common good that represents the best and most noble instincts of our country: to care for one another, to act in good faith and to let no one - no matter their circumstances - go unseen or unheard.

If that sounds like too much praise for our little house, I ask you to consider the countless voices of our clients and consumers who express disappointment that much of the world outside our walls does not approach them with the same kindness and understanding that they sense the moment they walk through the doors at RCA.

What we do is important not simply because it meets a need, but because in a time of profound national distress, it is done with conviction, civility, and respect.

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About the Organization

River City Advocacy & Counseling Center

What We Do:
Promote mental health recovery through support groups and individual, couples, and family counseling.
Work against mental health stigma on behalf of those who live with mental illness.
Collaborate on community mental health through outreach, advocacy, and cooperation with our local partners.
River City Advocacy is a nonprofit organization that works to bridge the gaps in mental health care coverage in New Braunfels and Comal County.
We were founded as a place for those who experience mental illness to support one another in their recovery. In keeping with RCA’s founding purpose as a place of refuge and community, we offer peer support services in addition to professional mental health counseling.
As advocates for mental health care, we also work to reduce mental health stigma where it exists. At the core of our vision is our advocacy for mental health programs which are empowering and responsive to the needs of individuals and families in our community.