2019 ITA Membership Drive

Join the effort to preserve and protect Idaho's non-motorized trails!

A fundraising campaign for Idaho Trails Association

We love Idaho's trails. Decades of inadequate funding have left Idaho's non-motorized trails in an unfortunate state! Our trails take us to Idaho's most beautiful places, providing access for hikers, horsepackers, hunters, anglers, and all the rest of the public. As our trails become overgrown and buried under downfall, we lose the recreation opportunities that make our public lands such an invaluable asset!

The Idaho Trails Association is a non-profit effort by Idahoan's outdoor-loving citizens (just like you!) to preserve and protect our incredible trail system. Through the end of the year, we will be running our annual Membership Drive. This is your chance to get involved and to help save Idaho's trails.

Become a member today. All donations given through GiveGab will include an annual membership to the Idaho Trails Association. ITA members support our program of:

  •     Trail work projects across the state, educating the public in traditional trail work skills and protecting our access to wild places
  •     Monitoring projects in Idaho's Wilderness Areas, providing GPS data for land managers and teaching backpacking skills to our volunteers
  •     Women-Only-Weekend trips to help ensure all members of the outdoor-loving public have opportunities to experience Idaho's amazing backcountry
  •     Youth Projects to help Idaho's students discover the value of stewardship and the power of nature on our public lands

Jet Boat Trip in Hells Canyon. Every $25 donated during our 2019 membership drive gets you an entry for our annual Spring jet boat trip. This year we will be heading up the Snake River from Pittsburgh Landing and setting up camp at Bernard Creek. Spend a week with ITA's board members and crew leaders in one of Idaho's most marvelous canyons. This is a great way to get to know the Idaho Trails Association and get involved in our mission of promoting the continued enjoyment of Idaho's hiking trails.

Together, we can make a difference. Since our first project in 2010, ITA has been expanding its impact by 20% per year. As a small non-profit, our success depends on the involvement and support of the Idaho hiking public. We need you! Join us and we can preserve and enjoy Idaho's trails together!

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