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You can keep the Hill Country places we cherish— here forever.

A fundraising campaign for Hill Country Conservancy

Dear Friend, 

Why do you love the Texas Hill Country? As a friend of Hill Country Conservancy, your “why” is important to us. Recently, in an effort to understand what matters to you and all of our supporters, we asked you about your “why.” Throughout this campaign, we found some recurring themes such as: 

People want and need a sense of connection to nature!  

For some of you, outdoor time connects your kids to the world around them as they find a frog splashing in the creek. For others, land connects you to your ancestral heritage as you tend the same soil that your grandparents and their grandparents tended. Many of you connect with your furry friends as you walk and play together on the Violet Crown Trail, and we all connect to our sense of home when we take a moment to absorb the fresh air and endless vistas ever-present in Central Texas and across the Texas Hill Country. Spending time in nature helps you make and keep the worthwhile connections we all seek.

Your gift to Hill Country Conservancy today will play a crucial role in helping to conserve the places where you find meaningful connections —forever. 

Your kids, grandkids and beyond deserve clean drinking water too!

With an average of 153 people a day moving to the area, it is imperative to engage in smart, well-planned growth now to ensure we have enough drinking water for our future generations. Part of smart growth means protecting the land on and around our water supply and area aquifers. 

With your vital donation, we will work with private landowners to conserve property located in strategic areas to ensure clean drinking water for our future generations.


Spending time in nature leads to a happier and healthier you!

Increasingly, scientific studies show that being outside can improve memory, fight depression, lower blood pressure and decrease stress levels. Each day, there is a growing need for nature as a source of relaxation and recreation. Because HCC provides much-needed access to the outdoors, you and everyone else in our community have the opportunity to take a walk, a jog, or a bike ride in a beautiful and natural setting.

Your end-of-year gift to Hill Country Conservancy will be used to preserve your access to outdoor spaces — forever.  

Your “why” is our “why.” With you on our side, we can keep the outdoor places we cherish the most - here forever. 

See you outside,

George Cofer



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