2018 International Service-Immersion Experiences

Offered through the Office of Campus Ministry, these experiences challenge and inspire students to be men and women with and for others.

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2018 International Service-Immersion Experiences

The purpose of Canisius College's Service-Immersion experiences, offered through the Office of Campus Ministry, is to increase student awareness of the world. 

2018 International Service-Immersion Experiences include:

Summer Camps for At-Risk Children in Poland - We partner with "Dzielo Pomocy Dzieciom", a privately run orphanage that hosts a huge summer camp for all orphans and foster children from all over Poland.  The children are broken up into small families which are led by both Polish and American volunteers who care for these children from the time they wake up until past bedtime. 

 •Youth in Jamaica - We will partner with the Mustard Seed Community in Jamaica, our team will be working in a home called "Blessed Assurance".  Their day will be divided between living, loving and working with the children in this home and doing minor work projects on the grounds of the Blessed Assurance.

Kino Border Initiative in Arizona/Mexico - Students will partner with the Kino Border Initiative.  The KBI supports the ministry of U.S. and Mexican communities who welcome the undocumented and care for them as brothers and sisters. The students will spend the majority of their time in the aid center for deported migrants in Mexico. 

These trips encourage students to grow in solidarity with the people of the world, especially the poor. Students will challenge themselves to live simply, to value relationships, to engage their faith and spirituality and to dig for the truth behind injustices of society. 

Thank you in advance for supporting our international service-immersion experiences. Your support empowers our students to become men and women with and for others.  

Note: All gifts are tax-deductible and non-refundable. In order for a contribution to be considered a charitable deduction, all donations must be made to Canisius College, not to an individual student. Any donations made that exceed the trip costs will be applied toward the general mission trips program and used to assist future projects. 

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