2017-18 Annual Campaign: Change a life

You can provide life-changing services to seniors in the community who may not have the means to do it alone.

A fundraising campaign for Longview, an Ithacare Community

You Can Change a Life

Making a difference in the lives of seniors is what we do best here at Longview. The resources we are able to put into providing the highest quality care for our residents is possible because of our generous donors. For that, we are grateful that the community believes in our mission. 

At Longview, we provide an array of activities, services, and programs that keep residents’ minds active and bodies moving, but more importantly, a safe and supportive environment that makes one feel welcomed and cared for. We cannot do this without you.

Your donation matters. 
Your gift to Longview’s Annual Campaign provides support to low-income residents whose financial means are unable to cover the cost of housing and personal care. The need for this support continues to grow: in 2016, 56 percent of enhanced and assisted living residents at Longview received some form of financial assistance, up 11 percent from 2015.

Due to unforeseen financial hurdles, such as illness, and in some cases, simply living longer than financially planned, over 24 million Americans aged 60 or older are financially insecure (National Council on Aging).

Please consider giving to Longview’s Annual Campaign. Help us help our community. Any amount helps us achieve our goal of providing affordable care.

To learn more, visit www.ithacarelongview.com.

What makes Longview special? Residents like Ralph Guggenheim. Read his story below:

Joining Longview in 2010, Ralph initially kept to himself. “I stayed in my room most of the time. I was a shy farm boy.” As a hard working single father of four, his schedule rarely gave way for socializing. But he was content.

As time passed, Ralph became ill and almost died. “I had to start over and learn to walk again.” Since he was in need of more care and support than his family could provide, his daughter showed him pictures of Longview.

“I took one look and said, ‘that’s it!’” What attracted him to the facilities was not only the care level but the programs and services that came along with it. “I need to keep my mind going and my body moving.

Intergenerational choir was the activity that got me out of my room and more comfortable with my surroundings.”

A year into his time at Longview, Ralph’s shyness fully dissipated and he became president of the Resident Council for Assisted and Enhanced Assisted Living, earning him a seat on the Longview Board, both positions he still holds today.

On top of that, Ralph volunteers 35 hours a week as Longview’s personal greeter, and delivers packages throughout the main building. Albeit a commitment, he says “it’s worth all the money in the world when someone says they appreciate what I do.”

“I’d be lost without Longview.” It’s safe to say that Longview would be lost without you,Ralph!

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About the Organization

Longview, an Ithacare Community

Longview is a residential community for individuals age 55+ located in the Finger Lakes overlooking Cayuga Lake offering Independent Living, Assisted Living and Enhanced Care.