20 Years of Hamilton Wings

Celebrating 20 years of giving our children the wings to soar!

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As an elementary school student I began participating in Hamilton Wings at the age of ten. At this time, my family had recently immigrated to the United States from Mexico, and I was still working to improve my English proficiency and become accustomed to living in the U.S. The SCORE! program offered a unique opportunity for me to interact with children from various communities. By contributing to the creation of an original opera, I gained confidence in myself and was able to utilize my creativity to develop my character and language abilities. Throughout middle school and high school, I continued to participate with Hamilton Wings as a member of SCORE II and as a mentor for Project Journey and Girls in Motion. These programs were my first introduction to community service work, and I am extremely grateful that by participating I grew my leadership qualities. Working with Project Journey and Girls in Motion was particularly impactful, because these programs gave me the opportunity to inspire and motivate young students with similar backgrounds to my own and help them achieve academic and personal growth.

            I participated regularly with Hamilton Wings all the way up until I began college at Brown University in 2012. However, the skills of teamwork, leadership, and hard work that I developed in Hamilton Wings continued to serve my efforts at Brown and made me a better student. Much of my work throughout college and in my time as a recent graduate has centered around organizing the student and Latino communities I belong to; in order to make our voices heard, our issues represented, and our needs met. I am extremely passionate about this line of social justice work, and I cannot ever overlook how Hamilton Wings played a critical role in awakening this passion within me. I am forever grateful for the ways in which this organization has supported me and students to like me to pursue our dreams, aspire, strive, achieve, and soar.


Aida Palma

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About the Organization

Hamilton Wings grew out of a passion for ALL children to actively and deeply participate in the arts and contribute their voices to the cultural and social landscape