101 Sterilizations!

Every dog deserves to be loved. But, there are over 200 million street dogs worldwide, check out the impact of just 1 sterilization below!

A fundraising campaign for For the Love of Dogs Foundation

There is no country that is untouched by dog overpopulation. In the U.S. alone, where animal welfare laws exist, five out of every ten shelter dogs is euthanized, amounting to nearly 5,500 euthanized dogs every day. Worldwide? There are over 200 million street dogs. There are way too many dogs for the shelters and rescues that exist, and the fate of many dogs is a slow and painful death or murder.

We are kicking off our global project in Catamarca, Argentina. In this city, the quantity of unwanted dogs is so great that a common practice is to dump boxes of puppies in the river or at the trash dumps around the city. Those dogs that survive live lives of starvation, illness, and untreated injury.   

101 Sterilizations is your chance to combat these tragic deaths. With your help, 101 dogs will be spayed or neutered by trusted vets in our network.  The average cost for surgery, medications, transportation and food is $30 per dog. One unsterilized female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just 6 years!

Anything you can give will have a lasting and profound impact on the life of street dogs!

Let's create a world where all dogs are loved! 

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About the Organization

For the Love of Dogs Foundation

Every dog deserves to be loved. But, there are over 200 million street dogs worldwide living lives of illness and starvation, and they are multiplying rapidly. The best way to show that we care is by responsibly slowing the growth of the unwanted dog population. We fund compassionate sterilizations for street dogs, and research the latest non-invasive sterilization techniques for a safer and quicker recovery, healthier lives, and less euthanization!