101 Club: A fundraising campaign for SJA Athletics

A fundraising campaign for Saint Joseph Academy

The 101 Club was created with the intent of arming our Athletic Department with the means needed to provide our teams with the best possible equipment, travel, uniforms or any additional items that our teams may need or want in order to be competitive. The reason for the number '101' is symbolic. Our school's address is 101 St. Joseph Drive. The 101 Club is meant for alumni and friends of the program to invest $101 or more back to their "home".

In 2019, the Athletic Department formed the 101 Club and asked former Bloodhounds to donate $101 or more to the SJA Athletic Department. The money that was raised that year was used to purchase stadium lights for Canales Field. In 2020, the appeal was to purchase football helmets with the newest technology that have computer chips to measure a player's impact. 

This year, we're expanding the 101 Club to provide unrestricted funds for ALL sports. Your gift can be allocated to a specific need at your request and will assist the Athletic Department with expanding the overall athletic experience for our athletes to make the most out of their journey at St. Joseph Academy. The 101 Club funds will be allocated directly and solely to the Athletic Department.

Bloodhound Alumni and community supporters are invited to join the 101 Club which will not only support our athletes, but also comes with different levels of membership with different benefits. There are options for one time, monthly, or yearly memberships to the 101 Club. 

Every gift is appreciated and will be carefully allocated to have significant impact. There are many ways to give, both outright and deferred. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

It's a great day to be a Bloodhound!

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