100 Partners with $100

Growing Students for a Just & Sustainable Future with Passion & Purpose!

A fundraising campaign for New Roots Charter School

"100 with 100"

(100 partners donating $100 to grow New Roots)

Thanks to the inspired work of our teachers, New Roots Charter School was one of five charter schools nationwide honored with a 2021 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School Award. This is the highest honor for schools committed to the academic, social, emotional, and environmental well-being of students and the community.

Facing the challenges of redesigning our school during a global pandemic, the teacher-leaders on our School Leadership Team moved quickly to create an innovative hybrid design that captures the essence and core experiences of a New Roots education under radically different conditions.  

Now, they are leaning into the question of how to accelerate the learning of our young people to restore their full engagement with the breadth and depth of our New Roots curriculum, and keep them on track for success in high school and beyond.

Our teacher-leaders’ vision is to provide a catalyst for full engagement and optimal wellbeing by expanding students’ learning opportunities in the arts, community-based projects and fieldwork, and career and technical education.  We know from long experience that empowering, relevant learning that is personally meaningful is a catalyst for success in school -- and in life.

With the support of this campaign ($10,000) New Roots teachers can expand programming for real-world projects and career exploration, music and arts programming, and educational experiences that connect young people with the great outdoors.  

Would you consider joining other partners of New Roots Charter School by investing in our teachers’ vision to accelerate the learning and wellbeing of tomorrow’s leaders using the power of a New Roots education? 

We're seeking 100 partners with $100 (or more) to raise at least $10,000 to help them do just that!

Thank you for being part of the New Roots community helping our teachers and students bounce back from an unexpected year and a half of high school! Together we can do this!

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