We provide dental care for free to children and youth. Our facility is in Stuart, so we serve Martin County and nearby communities. Light of the World sees hundreds of kids and touches the lives of everyone in their family. Dental health is directly tied to overall well-being, social confidence, school focus, and health. 

All too often, we see children with a mouth of decay. The need is great. We provide professional treatment and an education to help curb the tide of pain rampant among under-educated families. 

Providing a dental service does not come inexpensively. Staffing, supplies, and other expenses are required but we are efficient. In fact, we are really efficient. When comparing our clinic out of 32 other like-kind clinics in Florida, we rank #1 when considering the number of clinicians and estimated value of treatments. When comparing our clinic to 250 medical and dental clinics statewide, we rank high at #7.  Rest easy knowing that your contributions are doing what you want it to do, to help children in need.

And, what makes it even better for you is knowing that during the Great Give a donor has pledged to match your gift, dollar for dollar!

Thank you for considering how to donate to our cause.

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About the Organization

Light of The World Charities

Light of the World Charities was established in 1999 as a medical missions group to provide free medical services to patients abroad. In 2016, Little Lights Dentistry was founded as a program of Light of the World Charities. This transition focused on children in and around Martin County who are living in poverty and are unable to afford dental care. Little Lights Dentistry provides free, full-service dental care for children one year old and up through high school graduation. To qualify, patients must be living up to 200% of the federal poverty level and be uninsured. Please call us for an appointment or pass our information along to those who you feel may be in need!