Why Giving Day
Why Should I Run a Giving Day?

As the industry leader in Giving Day technology, we get asked a lot of questions. The most common being, “Why should I run a Giving Day?” In our five years of experience providing support to Giving Day hosts, we have found that there is not just one answer to this question that strikes a chord with every organization. There are countless reasons why an online day of giving is beneficial and many of these answers are as unique as your organization.

Fundraising software built to run Giving Days and events allows organizations to organize prizes and challenges seamlessly, engage peer-to-peer fundraisers, and track donors and volunteers through a single giving platform.

Before we dive into answering “Why should I Run a Giving Day?” Let’s look into a couple of other questions our GiveGab team receives daily.

What is a Giving Day?

Giving Days are 24-hour (or longer) online fundraising events proven to drive engagement and increase dollars raised through urgency, peer influence, and strategies like matching gifts.

Who typically runs a Giving Day?

Our Giving Day partners come in all shapes and sizes but typically we work the most with Civic Leaders and Schools.

Most commonly our Civic Leader partners include community foundations, United Ways, media partners, and national organizations. They are groups that have a vested interest in the nonprofit sector and are looking for ways to help strengthen their community.

Schools that partner with GiveGab for their Giving Days range from large Colleges and Universities hoping to drive engagement to K-12 schools looking to receive extra support to serve their students.

Although we can’t as easily answer this “Why” question with a simple cookie-cutter response, we gathered together a few common themes we have heard from our current Giving Day partners on why they decided to host a Giving Day on GiveGab. Check them out below! 

Why should I run a Giving Day as a Civic Leader?

To Establish Philanthropic Leadership in your Community

  • Develop a community that cares by educating them on the importance of philanthropy and collective giving
  • Give your nonprofits a voice by creating an environment for them to be highlighted and their impact showcased
  • Leave a legacy for your organization by creating an annual giving event that will continue to inspire your community
Why Giving Day

To Build Awareness for you and Participating Nonprofits

Why Giving Day

To Increase Equity for Nonprofits of all Sizes

  • Increase equity among participating nonprofits by providing access to technology and training
  • Allow small nonprofits with limited resources to experience the power of online fundraising
  • Empower nonprofits to use fundraising resources and toolkits as well as our #successchat for support and best practices
Why Giving Day

Why should I run a Giving Day as a School?

To Engage with your Alumni and Students

Why Giving Day
  • Reach out to your proud alum who are looking for exciting new ways to give back
  • Educate current students and young alumni on the significance of donor gifts and the resources they generate
  • Share out a Giving Day site that is mobile responsive, branded towards your day, and creates a seamless giving experience

To Create an Enhanced Experience of School Unity and Pride

  • Generate a buzz around campus with on-campus events, donation stations, and social media posts
  • Host contests throughout the day highlighting participating groups and their fundraising efforts
  • Foster healthy competition between different clubs and departments to compete to for most raised to appear on leaderboards

Why Giving Day

To Amplify Awareness of Needs across Departments

Why Giving Day

  • Encourage participating groups to create robust Giving Day profiles allowing them to tell their stories through visuals and videos
  • Showcase the progress of your participating groups by having them add fundraising goals that will display on their profiles
  • Expand your current donor pool by using peer to peer fundraising to reach more people who want to give back

To Elevate Funds to Support School Initiatives

  • Secure sitewide matches and challenges to incentivizing donors and allowing them to have a greater impact
  • Gamify your Giving Day by offering prizes for donors and participating groups. Be sure to announce them throughout the day
  • Make it easy for donors coming to your site with search functionality and clear call to actions
Why Giving Day

Deciding to run your own Giving Day is a big decision, but one that will bring a lot of good to your community or school. Reach new donors, engage your participants, leave a legacy, and so much more when you partner with GiveGab. 

Find Your Reason Why

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