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What Do Highly Successful Giving Day Hosts Do Differently?

At GiveGab, we’ve worked with a variety of organizations for cause-based, regional, K-12, and higher education Giving Days.

With many more of these exciting days on the horizon, we wanted to use what we’ve learned from each of them to shed light on what some of the most highly successful ones have done differently from the rest.

Let’s take a look at six things that set these success stories apart!


Running a Giving Day can be a complex project. It is important to giving yourself and your participants enough time to prep for the day. There are many moving pieces and decisions that go into a successful Giving Day. In fact, I Live Here I Give Here, hosts of Amplify Austin, begins strategizing for their next Giving Day a year in advance

The best way to do this, is to start thinking about goals and strategy early on. This will help to frame your Giving Day focus and allow you to better account for what needs to be done in preparation for the day.

Once you have your goals and strategy in mind, the next step is to putting them into action. This is where having exceptional project managing skills come into place. Every Giving Day run through GiveGab will include a dedicated project manager whose role is to help support the planning of your day by checking in with you on a weekly basis and offering expert advice based on our experience of hosting over 100 Giving Days a year.


Successful Giving Day Hosts
The Nonprofit Council, host of The Big Give SA, made sure their participants were feeling prepared far in advance by giving reminders on social media with a countdown to their Giving Day.


Successful Giving Day hosts promote not only the Giving Day but the participants as well! They might do this on their various social media channels, in a newsletter, or across different mediums. They may even promote their success from the previous year’s Giving Day to inspire folks to have the same or greater success this time around.

Making Giving Day participants feel good about being involved in the upcoming day will help motivate them to put more energy into marketing themselves and their cause to their supporters and their community!

The Lancaster Community Foundation, host of The Extraordinary Give, released a video on their website promoting participation in the day.

Successful Giving Day Hosts

Our Giving Day partners also understand that in order for their event to be successful, it needs to be seen. If donors do not know that day is happening, you’ll have a hard time getting them to make a gift. This is where social media can be used to bring awareness and recognition to your day.

Create social media accounts branded and dedicated to your Giving Day to get out quick messaging and connect with participants and donors. In addition to being active on social media, have a custom Giving Day hashtag for you and all involved in the day to use. A hashtag will allow you to easily follow posts mentioning your Giving Day and will allow others to do the same!

Successful Giving Day Hosts
Texoma Gives uses social media to communicate with donors by giving them a call to action to donate.


Our most successful Giving Day hosts put a lot of time and effort into making their participants feel prepared for the day. They understand the importance of creating a good user experience on their site so that all involved are set up for success.

Giving Days using GiveGab feel more confident knowing they have a dedicated customer success team working directly with their participants and donors. These are real people that will stick with you to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and offer best practices!

Our customer success team is there to assist your Giving Day participants in:

  • Navigating the website
  • Setting up their giving profiles
  • Recruiting fundraisers or “fundraising champions
  • Promoting themselves using their branded toolkit
  • Getting their board members involved
  • Accessing or attending free webinars and workshops
  • Using our extensive resource library
  • And much more!
Successful Giving Day Hosts
GiveGab’s #SuccessChat allows participants and donors to chat directly with our Customer Success team!


Giving Day hosts using GiveGab also find a lot of success in providing webinars and in-person trainings. These create opportunities for participants to come together and learn from Giving Day experts on how to best run their campaign.

Webinars allow for hosts to give an overview of the day while highlighting important updates and features. In person events such as office hours gives your participants that one on one level of support that can be crucial in making them feel like they are an important part of your day’s success.

Successful Giving Day Hosts
The Giving is Gorges team held in person office hours where participating organizations could ask questions and get assistance.


Along with highlighting participants, successful Giving Day hosts keep them and anyone else involved throughout the community informed and excited leading up to and throughout the day.  Commonly this is accomplished through awarding prizes, matches, and challenges.

An excellent example of motivating rewards comes from Cornell Giving Day, who leveraged challenges as a way to inspire donors to give more to unlock funds for their college, unit, team, project, or group participating in the day.

Successful Giving Day Hosts Successful Giving Day Hosts


A Giving Day is a 24-hour giving event that typically happens only once a year.  If you’re not gearing up for it as you would for something like the Super Bowl (or other exciting yearly event), then you’re not doing it right! To get people excited about the day, many hosts go above and beyond to turning their online event into an actual celebration or party.

They do this by hosting a live event or get-together for all who are involved with the day to attend and enjoy. You can even host a donation station at your in person events to give attendees the opportunity to give back while celebrating with you.

Our best example of this is comes from one of our new Giving Day partners, The University of Notre Dame. During Notre Dame Day 2019, they held a live broadcast that included performance and interviews scheduled all throughout the day to inform and inspire donors to give.


Our most successful Giving Day hosts realize that once a Giving Day is over, the work has only just begun. There are so many people involved in the success of a Giving Day, and it the host’s responsibility to ensure everyone feels recognized.

Be sure to end your Giving Day on a high note so that participants and donors will be eagerly waiting for next year’s event! Get ideas fo next year by sending donors and participants surveys asking how your Giving Day can improve. They will appreciate you making their feedback a priority!

After Missoula Gives closed their Giving Day, they released a fun and engaging thank you video to show their appreciation for the organizations that participated in this successful day

You can keep your Giving Day momentum going year round with GiveGab’s Community Giving. This product allows your participants to engage with and utilize your site in between your Giving Days.

If the organizations or causes involved in the Giving Day want to highlight different campaigns and initiatives throughout the year, they have all the tools available to them to do so. Year round engagement creates a stronger relationship between you and your participants and creates a seamless transition for them to partipate in your next Giving Day.

Successful Giving Day Hosts

I Live Here I Give Here, host of Amplify Austin, uses Community Giving to allow participating organization the ability to use their site year round!

Have you been part of a Giving Day celebration?  What was done to help make the day successful and how do you think you can make it better in the future?  

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