Shorter Lead Times and Feedback Loops Mean Better Customer Development

For the last couple of years we’ve been heads down at GiveGab on building out awesome volunteer focused features.  When we first formed the company, we had all of the fun challenges that a startup has – building a team, figuring out your target market, figuring out your vision and mission, how to price the product, etc.  Mixed in with this was customer development and trying to figure out what to actually build into the product based what we felt the value would be to provide to them, that they’d be willing to pay for.

At first, we focused on building out the volunteer management features – from the perspective of nonprofits, but realizing the propensity for nonprofits to purchase volunteer management software and the amount that they might actually spend on it, we quickly shifted focus toward a different segment of the market where budgets were bigger and user acquisition could come in larger numbers.  That was universities… where service learning and civic engagement programs were on the uptrend.

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