Nonprofit Giving Day
Posted by Kyle Cundy
What to Do Once Your Giving Day is Over

Congratulations on having a successful Giving Day on the GiveGab platform! While Giving Days are an exciting 24-48 hours, jam-packed with action, gifts, and community-building, there’s still a lot to do during the rest of the year to continue connecting […]

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Higher Education Giving Days
8 Benefits of Higher Education Giving Days

An increasing number of colleges and universities are making Giving Days an important part of their overall fundraising and engagement strategy.   These 24-hour fundraising challenges go beyond inspiring a school’s alumni to give, with participation seen from faculty, students, […]

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Posted by Ryan Cleare
GiveGab Plus Intercom Equals #SuccessChat

What is #SuccessChat? #SuccessChat (i.e., “the chat bubble” or “chatting in”) is that little blue bubble located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen on GiveGab that has become instrumental in how we amplify success for the nonprofits that use […]

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