Heather GivingTuesday
Posted by GiveGab
Heather Takes On #GivingTuesday (Part 1)

#GivingTuesday has quickly become one of the most charitable days of the year, but this new movement is still an unfamiliar concept to many of us. Setting up an entirely new campaign and finding a way to market it can feel a bit overwhelming.

But relax! We’ve teamed up with Heather, a nonprofit leader who plans on running an end-of-year campaign on GiveGab that launches on #GivingTuesday. Over the coming weeks, we’re following her through the process of creating and promoting her campaign. We hope from through Heather’s trials and successes you’ll find answers to questions you may also have.

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Posted by Jess Confer
The Anatomy of an Amazing Online Fundraising Campaign

If you haven’t dipped into online fundraising yet, never fear! I’m going to break down some very basic, yet essential, parts of an online fundraising campaign.  If you have had experience with online fundraising but haven’t seen much success, my hope is that you’ll be inspired to give it another go.

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Campaign running
100 Reasons to Get Your Campaign Up and Running

You want to run a crowdfunding campaign for your amazing nonprofit organization but have no idea where to start. You know your organization needs money and you know that you’ll use the money in an awesome way to help your community. You also know that fundraising is an important piece of that money puzzle and if you have a compelling story you’re more likely to get donors. So what are you actually going to use that money for? What’s your story? Need some help? Well, the fundraising experts here at GiveGab came up with a list of 100 different reasons to get your campaign up and running.


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Blog Post
Posted by Jess Confer
5 Steps for Creating a Tasty Blog Post

Here at GiveGab, we’ve taken strides to improving our own blogging habits by getting more folks on our team involved.  I put together a blog post about just that.. blogging!  What goes into creating a tasty blog post?  I hope this will help guide you in crafting your next post.

So you know you need to write a blog post, but maybe you don’t know what to write about.  Brainstorm some ideas, ask others if they have any ideas and the do a little research.  Sometimes the best recipes are ones that are found and adapted!

Look at competitors or other folks writing about that topic and try to think of how you can do something similar or better (note: do not copy it).  Once you’ve decided, let your idea marinade for a while.


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Shorter Lead Times and Feedback Loops Mean Better Customer Development

For the last couple of years we’ve been heads down at GiveGab on building out awesome volunteer focused features.  When we first formed the company, we had all of the fun challenges that a startup has – building a team, figuring out your target market, figuring out your vision and mission, how to price the product, etc.  Mixed in with this was customer development and trying to figure out what to actually build into the product based what we felt the value would be to provide to them, that they’d be willing to pay for.

At first, we focused on building out the volunteer management features – from the perspective of nonprofits, but realizing the propensity for nonprofits to purchase volunteer management software and the amount that they might actually spend on it, we quickly shifted focus toward a different segment of the market where budgets were bigger and user acquisition could come in larger numbers.  That was universities… where service learning and civic engagement programs were on the uptrend.

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