Donor Loyalty
How to Gain Donor Loyalty in 5 Easy Steps

Donor loyalty for nonprofits is critical, as it costs much more to attain new donors than to keep those you already have. ¬† Despite this fact, many¬†organizations still struggle to implement an effective retention strategy to keep their first-time supporters […]

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Donation Form
Posted by GiveGab
Improve Your Online Donation Form in 4 Steps

When it comes to making online transactions, most of us are looking for simplicity. This means easy and quick execution when making online purchases and donations!¬†¬† [Donate¬†with One Click] for instance is much more appealing than [Create Your Account] so […]

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Nonprofit Marketing Strategy
Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy for 2017

What’s your current¬†Nonprofit Marketing Strategy?¬† With online engagement platforms in constant flux, to continue (or start) reaching your target audience effectively, you need to know where your efforts will leave the greatest impressions and how¬†to communicate for impact. Seven primary […]

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