GiveGab Insider: One of Our Own Finds Hospitality in Mississippi

Here at GiveGab, we have the unique opportunity to work with incredible people who are truly transforming the lives of others. The journey we’ve been on with our nonprofit partners has challenged, inspired and uplifted us, which is why we wanted to start a new series called “GiveGab Insider”, where we’ll share highlights from these personal experiences. In this post you’ll meet my teammate Chris, who has recently gone above and beyond to take part in a huge philanthropic project in Mississippi, and in turn, has witnessed compassion and kindness like he’s never felt before.

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The Metrics Behind Relationships

Days of Giving are a hot topic these days.  You don’t have to look far in the world of philanthropy without hearing how such and such state raised $20 million, or so and so county raised $3 million, or x college raised x millions.  

It would be easy to think that somehow these days of giving are all about the money, but the more we learn with our partner customers the more we realize that the money is just a by-product…

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