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GiveGab #SuccessChat Makes Nonprofit Success Easy

At GiveGab, our success is directly tied to the success of our platform users. 

This means we are uniquely motivated to support the success of our nonprofit customers. That motivation is what led us to take a non-traditional approach to customer service.  In fact, at GiveGab we don’t even call it customer service, we call it Customer Success!

It’s a simple formula really: Dedicated, responsive, and knowledgeable REAL people in our flagship office, in a constant dialogue with every nonprofit and Giving Day partner on the platform, no matter their size.

Our main channel of communication is that little blue bubble at the bottom of your screen (i.e., #SuccessChat) with an average response time of under five minutes and real people that will stick with you to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and strive to give you more value than you were expecting!  

Nonprofit Success
#SuccessChat on

The People Behind the Chat Bubble

We have a relatively small but obsessively attentive team based out of our office in Ithaca, NY, providing highly unique and collaborative support. When you use the GiveGab platform, you automatically become our partner, and when you click on that little blue chat bubble, that’s exactly how you will be treated.

GiveGab exists to make YOU happy and empower your nonprofit organization to perform at its utmost capacity.

We take pride in our work and love what we do!

Getting the Most from Your Customer Success Team

1. Write into #SuccessChat!

Simply scroll to the bottom right-hand corner of your screen on (or on this blog article!) and click on the blue chat icon to open up a chat screen and start a conversation with one of our in-house customer success representatives.

Nonprofit Success
GiveGab #SuccessChat Bubble
2. Check out our support center

If you don’t feel like chatting, our support center has articles that answer almost any question you could think of about the GiveGab platform!

3. Subscribe to our blog

Here you’ll find a variety of helpful articles and tips, such as this article about online crowdfunding written by Verdie Culbreath from the #SuccessChat team!

4. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

The GiveGab YouTube channel includes spotlight videos for nonprofits and giving day organizers, updates on our promotions, and even a talking bear…

We also have a growing list of “How to” videos,  videos about our platform, giving days, campaigns and all things nonprofit! 

This library of helpful content will continue to grow as a part of our endless campaign to provide ridiculous customer support and resources to our users, like YOU! 

If there is something you would like to see a video about, please reach out in the blue #SuccessChat bubble below.

#SuccessChat Product Tour

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