GiveGab's #SuccessChat Makes Fundraising Success Easy
GiveGab’s #SuccessChat Makes Fundraising Success Easy

At GiveGab, Customer Love is what drives us!

This means going above and beyond for organizations and partners to make sure they feel supported and are set up for success. We take a non-traditional approach to customer service. In fact, at GiveGab we don’t even call it customer service, we call it Customer Success!

What is Customer Success?

To us, Customer Success is having dedicated, responsive, and knowledgeable team members engaging in an open and welcoming dialogue with every organization, partner, and donor on the platform to support them in their fundraising endeavors.

Our most popular channel of communication is that famous little blue bubble at the bottom of your screen (i.e., #SuccessChat)

#SuccessChat allows platform users to chat directly with our team of Customer Success Champions! These are real people that will stick with you to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and offer best practices!

Currently, our average response times are under 10 minutes. Our #SuccessChat is live Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm est, but you can leave a message at any time and someone from the team will get back to you with an answer! 

GiveGab's #SuccessChat Makes Fundraising Success Easy

The People Behind the Chat Bubble

We have a relatively small but obsessively attentive team, providing highly unique and collaborative support. When you use the GiveGab platform, you become our partner, and when you click on that little blue chat bubble, that’s exactly how you will be treated.

“Being able to help nonprofit administrators and supporters of those organizations use our platform is super rewarding and fun! They work tirelessly to make their communities better places and I’m proud to support them do so.” Karin, Customer Success Champion

We take pride in our work and love what we do!

Getting the Most from Your Customer Success Team

1. Write into #SuccessChat!

Simply scroll to the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and click on the blue chat icon. This will open up a chat screen and start a conversation with one of our in-house Customer Success Champions. The blue chat bubble will follow you around the GiveGab Platform allowing you to ask questions as soon as they come up!

2. Visit our Support Center

If you don’t feel like chatting just yet, check out our Support Center. It has articles that answer almost any question you could think of about the GiveGab platform! We have created an extensive library of step by step articles and videos to walk you through the product and showcase best practices.

3. Check out our blog

You’ll find a variety of helpful articles and tips ranging in topics from the latest product updates, fundraising trends, and everything in between! Our Customer Success team directly contributes to the GiveGab blog with tips and suggestions on how to run successful campaigns such as this article about running Donation Stations written by Kasana Milton, Customer Success Champion at GiveGab.

Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter and stay up to date with our newest posts!

4. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

The GiveGab YouTube channel includes spotlight videos for nonprofits and giving day organizers, updates on our promotions, and a growing list of “How to” videos. This library of helpful content will continue to grow as a part of our commitment to provide exceptional customer support and resources to our users.

GiveGab’s mission is to create More Happy Nonprofits, and that is exactly what our Customers Success team strives to do every day! By chatting with us via #SuccessChat and referencing our Support Center and Resource Library, we’ll help ensure your next campaign or Giving Day is set for success!

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