November Rain Features
Posted by Jay Rogan
November Rain…Of Features

Not sure I can justify the title of this article with a reference to the early ’90s Guns N’ Roses song. That’s much more depressing than this blog post strives to be. Over the summer and early fall our team […]

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GivingTuesday Marketing
Your Marketing Checklist for #GivingTuesday

It’s November 17th and in 2 weeks it will be #GivingTuesday (December 1st)! Whhhhhaaaaaa?!?!? Don’t worry, we’re here to help this be a successful and stress-free launch.

We wanted to share a few tips on the email and social media outreach you should be doing now, in preparation for the big day. This is crucial to ensure maximum participation from your organization’s supporters!

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Simplified Crowdfunding on GiveGab

We’re super excited and can’t wait to make fundraising on GiveGab for you even more fun and engaging (and easy!). We’ve spent the past few months working one on one with our nonprofits and getting their campaigns to be successful. We learned a lot from them, listened to their feedback, made a ton of changes, and we’re finally ready to release Crowdfunding campaigns to the rest of the world. Are you ready?

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Saves Nonprofits Money
6 Ways GiveGab Saves Nonprofits Money

Team GiveGab works very closely with fundraising professionals from nonprofits of all sizes, so we know first-hand that saving money for most nonprofits isn’t just important, it’s often critical. Here are six ways fundraising on GiveGab saves nonprofits money! 1. […]

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Team Culture Nonprofits
Posted by Jaclyn
The Importance of Team Culture for Nonprofits

How would you describe your organization’s team culture?   Your answer affects your organization’s efficiency and productivity, the happiness of you, your staff, board members, donors, and volunteers, as well as your financial bottom line. Culture is a critical factor […]

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