Seems like not long ago we were blogging about good old Release 39. Wait, it wasn’t that long ago. That’s because our development team has been cranking out code to create our latest release. Here’s a few of the things that have been added to GiveGab.

Better Dashboard Shortcuts

Last release we added shortcuts to the organizations you belong to. This week we improved upon those shortcuts by adding buttons for different actions. These buttons are mainly for admins right now, but we will be adding more later. What kind of steps would you like to take from your Dashboard? Let us know here –

Inbox Improvements

Admins now have more control over who is part of their community, group or nonprofit. The can add a single user to their organization and manage them. This user can be a GiveGab member, or even someone who hasn’t joined the site yet. In the latter case, an invite is sent out to this person asking them to join. In the former case, smart user detection is used to search the database of members in order to suggest people they might want to add to their organization. Admins also have the ability to remove a member from their organization.


In order to improve our nonprofit recommendations, we added a prompt to remind volunteer managers to add causes to their nonprofits.

Location Based Sorting

Nonprofit directory can be sorted by location, instead of alphabetically. This was a request from volunteers who are looking for a place to help out that’s within walking or biking distance.

Proud Partners

You’ll also see that we have added the logos for The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations(PANO) and The Northeastern Pennsylvania Nonprofit and Community Assistance Center(NCAC) to our landing page. We are proud to be partnering with these organizations.

Other Improvements and Fixes:

-Added some copy to the member management panel in order to clarify things. Also added some color to the privacy drop-down, so users can see what mode it is set to more quickly.

-We omitted articles like “the” in areas where we alphabetically sort items.

-Importing a member to a group also adds that member to that groups parent community.

-We now notify you if one of your non-GiveGab contacts joins the site.

-Minor SEO improvements, including a better description of the site on our landing page.

-Unsubscribe links are in our emails! 

A total of 56 stories and bugs were included in this release. Way to go Devs!

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