Quick on the heels of release 38 comes our next release…we have decided to call it “Release 39”, because it just made sense to us. Here are some of the changes we made to GiveGab:

Dashboard Shortcuts

In order to manage these “imported” members, as well as existing GiveGabbers, we have created an administrative feature available to volunteer and community managers. This is a list view of an organization’s members with multiple columns. Administrators will have the ability to view contact information, send messages, and check the status of members. We will be adding bulk messaging features, the ability to log volunteer hours, assign tasks, add notes, and view various metrics for each member.

Privacy Settings

We have added better privacy settings, so that administrators can choose to hide members they have imported or existing members who have requested more privacy. Soon we will be adding better privacy settings to our user profiles.

Animated Rollercoaster on People Page!

This is just cool.

Other Improvements and Fixes:

-better sorting of communities and groups on directory pages, along with a more responsive search box

-volunteers on the Impact pages of nonprofits and communities will be more anonymous to non-members, only their last initial will appear

-changes to the wall post and internal messages to help prevent multiple posts

-a bug was fixed on the People page so the radius works properly

-another bug was addressed for logging hours, the wrong total was being shown in the post-log hours modal

This release is comprised of 41 stories and bugs. Nice work dev team!

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