Over the past weeks, our dev team was hard at work making GiveGab better for you. Some of this release’s highlights are:

The Outlook Bug is Fixed!

Our emails were causing some issues when opened in certain versions of Microsoft Outlook. The program would become unresponsive and need to be restarted. We’re happy to report that this is no longer an issue. We’re sorry if it caused you any inconvenience.

Edit and Delete Volunteer Hours


We added a chart to user profiles that summarizes that user’s volunteer hours and the volunteer hours of the people they are connected with on GiveGab. We also added the monetary value of these hours to remind everyone that hours are very valuable to the nonprofits they benefit. More info on this valuation can be found here.

Weekly Volunteer Hours Leaderboard 

In addition to our total hours leaderboard on the Impact page of a community, we have added a weekly hours leaderboard. This ranks volunteers by the amount of hours they volunteer in a given week.  This leaderboard opens on Monday and runs to Sunday, basically the same behavior as the weekly volunteer recruit leaderboard.

Community Impact Email

This is an email that is sent out to all community members, it summarizes what happened in the past week in each community. It displays the top 5 recruiters, and the 5 members with the most hours, plus some other stats. In the future we plan to show trending volunteer opportunities within each community, and other community news.

Nonprofit Creators are Auto-joined to the Nonprofit

This is another improvement that was long overdue. When a user creates a nonprofit, they are now automatically joined to it as a volunteer manager. In the past, the user would have to take extra steps to join after creation.

Other Improvements and Fixes:

-pagination was added to Impact pages to better display long lists of logged hours

-pagination was added to members/volunteer listings to improve usability. There were also changes made to improve loading time on these pages.

-a sweet new landing page! (we’ll talk about that in another post)

-improved speed while loading the Events Calendar

-changes to meta tags for SEO

-slight changes to the user Dashboard

-various other minor bug fixes

A lot of work went into this release. Our dev team conquered a total of 68 user stories and bugs to get it out the door! We hope you enjoy!

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