A new Reflections tool has just been launched at GiveGab.com!  Now you can write about your volunteer experiences in your personal Reflections Journal.  Whether you need to fulfill requirements for a service-learning course, or just want to keep track of what you’ve accomplished in journal form, you’ll love the new Reflections feature.

Some highlights:

  • GiveGabbers can find the Reflections tool on The Gab, Organization Walls, Event Walls, and Personal Walls, in addition to the new Reflections page (link is in the left menu bar).
  • The Reflections page will house all of your Reflections in one convenient place.
  • Reflections can be saved in Draft form if you’re not ready to publish, or if you have a few thoughts to jot down quickly and finish later.
  • Reflections can be shared to Twitter and Facebook for added impact.
  • GiveGabbers can get fancy with Reflections by adding fun photos or changing up fonts/colors.
  • Privacy settings allow for sharing Reflections with others on the site or keeping them private.

Reflectwww.GiveGab.com today!

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