24-Hour Fundraising Events
Giving Days: 24-Hour Fundraising Events with Lasting Impact

Giving Days are 24-hour fundraising events, where people rally together to donate resources (money, time, services) to causes that matter to them.  

Along with raising as much money as possible within 24-hours, Giving Day participants can also expect to expand their community outreach, gain increased exposure and promotion, and attract new supporters.

Everyone involved can benefit from the day and the impact expands far beyond the 24 hours!

Impact on Giving Day Hosts

(Such as Community Foundations and United Ways)

  • Strengthened community connections
  • Increased community impact, awareness, and support
  • Acquired understanding of causes that are most important to those in the local community
  • Better insights into which nonprofits should receive matching grants
  • Heightened ability to provide efficient fund advisory to community members
  • Opportunity to increase funds and members

Impact on Nonprofit Participants

  • Increased donations
  • Increased promotion, exposure & community awareness
  • Heightened sense of community with other participating nonprofits
  • Unique opportunity to learn and grow from others in the industry

Impact on Supporters

  • Heightened sense of connection with a cause/causes
  • Community-building with other like-minded supporters
  • Increased awareness of other causes within the community
  • Pride in contributing to something bigger than themselves

Impact on Local Communities

  • Improved financial health of several organizations at once
  • Increased philanthropic spirit
  • Elevated interpersonal and inter-organizational connections

These giving celebrations bring a great deal of positive promotion and attention, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved!

Some great Giving Day examples can be found here:

Giving Days

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