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GiveGab Plus Intercom Equals #SuccessChat

What is #SuccessChat?

#SuccessChat (i.e., “the chat bubble” or “chatting in”) is that little blue bubble located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen on GiveGab that has become instrumental in how we amplify success for the nonprofits that use our platform.

” To use #SuccessChat is to love #SuccessChat.” – Anonymous GiveGab User 

If you have ever “chatted in” you know that wonderful feeling when a real person chats back, and you instantly gain a fierce advocate for your organization.


We are so thankful to have that little blue bubble with which we can connect with so many amazing organizations and what makes that possible is Intercom.

“Intercom builds a suite of messaging-first products that all modern internet businesses can use to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, to engagement, and support.” – Intercom

In fact, we have a bit of a “company crush” on them.

To the point that when Inside Intercom (Intercom’s Blog) came to New York City, while on their world tour, our team was ecstatic to drive down and rub elbows with the chat wizards at Intercom. “Attending Inside Intercom was an incredibly inspiring and motivating experience for our team. We were able to learn from the experts at Intercom, to help us discover new and improved ways to better support our amazing customers.” – Bridget Cafaro

But enough gushing about intercom!  The following are three of our top Intercom features that help our Customer Success Champions go above and beyond traditional customer service. 

GiveGab’s Top 3 Intercom Features

1. Custom Chat Messages for Specific Landing Pages 

Someone browsing our landing pages will see a pop-up message tailored to the information on that page, while someone logged into the GiveGab dashboard will see something completely different.  

We do this to help start the conversation for you and let you know we are  here, while leaving the rest in your hands!

2. Answers to Questions in Support Articles

Although our live chat response time is under 5 minutes on average, we know that sometimes you just want a quick answer without having to engage in a dialog.  

This is why we have a library of resources in our support center that automatically appears based off of what you type into #SuccessChat.

You can typically expect to get a combination of a unique response from one of our success champions with a support article attached.

3. Personalizing messages with Emojis and Gifs

This is a big one. We constantly use Emojis and Gifs to “keep it real”, let people know we care, have a sense of humor, and to add that human touch, which really lifts #SuccessChat above the fray! 😀 🙂  

GiveGab Is More Than Software

We are a team of people who care about the nonprofits we serve and about making the world a better place, for people… and for adorable animals.

If you have read anything about our #SuccessChat, we may sound like a broken record when we say “We are uniquely motivated to support the success of our nonprofit customers,” but the people that work here really do love their jobs (myself included)!

We love our jobs because we get to support the real heroes of this world. We get to make their lives easier, allowing them to do more.

It feels wonderful when we can make an impact for the organizations we serve. It drives us to constantly seek ways to provide an elevating experience EVERY time someone uses #SuccessChat, and Intercom helps us do just that. 🙂 

#SuccessChat Product Tour

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