Team Culture Nonprofits
Posted by Jaclyn
The Importance of Team Culture for Nonprofits

How would you describe your organization’s team culture?   Your answer affects your organization’s efficiency and productivity, the happiness of you, your staff, board members, donors, and volunteers, as well as your financial bottom line. Culture is a critical factor […]

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Fundraising Metrics
4 Critical Fundraising Metrics For Nonprofits

Does your nonprofit currently have a way of keeping track of your fundraising metrics? Your fundraising metrics are like the fortune-tellers of your organization – they can and should shape your future donor engagement and overall fundraising strategy. The following […]

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Recruit Volunteers
5 Simple and Fun Ways to Recruit Volunteers

Quality volunteers are often considered the bricks that hold nonprofit organizations together.  In other words, there are times where you simply couldn’t survive without them! So, how do you successfully recruit volunteers if you’re not sure where to begin or […]

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