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GiveGab Gives to the SPCA of Tompkins County

In November of 2014, we initiated a monthly GiveGab Gives competition to celebrate receiving the Corporate Philanthropist of the Year Award. Each month, every GiveGab employee contributes cash to be donated to a local nonprofit of the tournament winner’s choice.  It’s […]

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Gives Thanks
GiveGab Gives Thanks

The GiveGab team has a unique opportunity to work with incredible people who are truly transforming the lives of others on a daily basis, and we are thankful for that each and every day when we walk through the doors […]

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Saves Nonprofits Money
6 Ways GiveGab Saves Nonprofits Money

Team GiveGab works very closely with fundraising professionals from nonprofits of all sizes, so we know first-hand that saving money for most nonprofits isn’t just important, it’s often critical. Here are six ways fundraising on GiveGab saves nonprofits money! 1. […]

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