7 Questions to Ask When Analyzing a Giving Day Platform

In order to feel secure with a website, especially when it’s being used for high-volume giving, such as with a big Giving Day event, you need a platform that’s simple to use, secure, user/mobile-friendly, and one with great customer support.   

Here are some questions to ask when analyzing a Giving Day platform:  

1. What is their performance history for Giving Days?

  • How many Giving Days have they done and how successful were they?
  • Did any of their Giving Days crash?
  • Do they have any negative or positive reviews from customers?

2. Are their Giving Day pages attractive?

  • What do their Giving Day pages look like?
  • Do you feel like they have a simple and attractive user interface?
  • Are the participants well-represented with their own brand or style?
  • Are any of them available for you to look at after the Giving Day is over?
  • If so, do you want to stay and look around or are they nothing special?

3. Do they use reliable & modern technology?

  • Are their Giving Day pages mobile friendly, so people can donate from any device?
  • Are their donation forms clean and simple or clunky and confusing?
  • What payment system do they use or is it unclear?

4. How is their customer support?

  • How easy is it to connect with someone with questions or concerns?
  • Do they have a live chat feature or only email?
  • Have their customers left any positive or negative reviews about customer support?

5. How quickly do participants get their donations?

  • When do donations made through the platform get transferred to the participants’ bank accounts?
  • Is it within 48 hours, 15 days, a month?
  • Is this information easy to find on the company’s website?

6. Do they offer prizes or other perks to increase donations?

  • What is their Giving Day experience like?
  • Do they have cool features such as leaderboards and/or do they offer prizes?
  • What have their Giving Day customers said about their experiences??

7. What happens after the Giving Day is over?

  • Does the Giving Day platform provide additional services beyond the one-day event?
  • Can nonprofits continue to fundraise using the platform or do they have to go elsewhere or go through a separate setup in order to do so?

Find a Giving Day platform that gives you clear answers to these important questions and you’ll walk away with a successful Giving Day that will have a positive and lasting impact on everyone involved!

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