Is your nonprofit looking for ways to maximize impact through online fundraising efforts and to increase incoming donations? 

Online fundraising really does put the fun in fundraising and has become tremendously popular among various nonprofit organizations for a multitude of reasons—some of which are presented below.

Because so many organizations are now utilizing this great tool, it’s important to know how to use it in a way that helps distinguish you from the crowd and attract more support to your cause.

Here are five ways to improve your online fundraising efforts:

 1. Captivating Videos & Images

First and foremost, draw in your users and pique their interests using creative imagery and/or prevalent videos.

Humans are visual beings and photos attract our attention, whereas a simple line of text might be easily ignored or scrolled over.

Take time to draw attention to your organization through photos and videos that accurately depict your cause.

2. Mobile Apps

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, your organization and donation page can and should be easily accessible from anywhere!

Make sure whatever platform you’re using for online fundraising is mobile-friendly with a responsive design.  This allows supporters to donate to you from any device at any time.

 3. Build Your Brand

Add personal flair to your donation page and include your organization’s logo, colors, fonts, design patterns, and more.

Create a safe space where your users are totally aware that they are donating to you and not to PayPal.

A beautiful example of this is a GiveGab campaign created by Finger Lakes Land Trust called Saving Land and Water Forever in Changing Times.

Online Fundraising Campaigns

 4. Minimalist Design Features

This is KEY. There is nothing more frustrating than a complicated and cluttered web page.

Keep the design simple and easy to follow to avoid user confusion.

People are much more likely to give if your organization makes it simple and sweet.

 5. Show Results

Instead of sending a scripted, automated “thank you” email, send out personalized thank you messages including a picture or video depicting how their donation helped.

For example, if someone donated money for art supplies to your organization, include a photo of the children using those art supplies.

As a donor, it’s a wonderful feeling to see just what you contributed to and how you made a personal impact.

More About Online Fundraising

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