Collecting Giving Day Donations
Posted By Kyle Cundy
5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Collecting Giving Day Donations

On a Giving Day, donations are being relayed through one website to many, often hundreds, of separate organizations.  

To make sure you’re ready to collect donations on the big day, here are five common pitfalls to avoid.

1. Entering Bank Account Info Too Last-Minute

It can take a few days for your bank account to be ready to receive donations through GiveGab’s platform, so if you wait until the very last minute, you may not be able to receive donations on the day! 

Fortunately, our Customer Success team provides plenty of reminders, and the platform itself (being user-friendly) makes it quick and easy to add this information, so nothing is standing in your way of completing this on time!

2. Promoting the Wrong Giving Profile

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the difference between your Giving Day profile and your GiveGab profile!  The GiveGab platform is designed for both year-round fundraising campaigns (as well events and volunteer management) AND 24-hour Giving Days, so all of these capabilities exist when you sign up with the platform. 

Your Giving Day profile is available for a limited time only, whereas your general GiveGab profile can exist forever if you want it to.  Make sure you’re sharing your Giving Day profile by navigating to your “Giving Days” tab and copying the link to your giving profile to share with your supporters.

3. Having More Offline Donations than Online

For many Giving Days on GiveGab, offline donations (those made outside of the Giving Day platform by cash, check, or otherwise) do not count toward the Leaderboard totals or associated prizes.  These offline donations can be added to your Giving Day totals, but they typically won’t count toward your standing for having the “Most Raised’ or “Most Donors” for the Giving Day.  

So, although these donations are still important and valued, offline donations don’t carry the same weight as online for the purpose of a Giving Day (in most cases). 

4. Beware of Facebook’s “Donate” Button

You cannot connect your Facebook account to your Giving Day, so any donations made through Facebook WILL NOT count toward the online giving of your event.  To resolve this issue, promote your Giving Day profile on your Facebook page and deactivate Facebook’s “Donate” functionality for the duration of the Giving Day.   

Fees are also higher through Facebook than they are on GiveGab, so if someone accidentally donates in this way, you’ll get less of their intended donation on top of not having that gift count toward your Giving Day totals.  

It’s also important to note that if your nonprofit has not connected a bank account to Facebook, any incoming funds will sit in Facebook or Network for Good’s Donor-Advised Fund until your nonprofit claims them. 

5. Not Customizing Your “Thank You” Emails

On GiveGab, you can set up automated “Thank You” emails that include a donation receipt to be sent to all your donors.  These can be customized to include an image or video that make the email even more meaningful.

A number of your supporters on a Giving Day could be first-time donors, and it’s estimated that “93% of donors would give a second gift to the same organization if they used donor-centered fundraising.”  Customizing your Giving Day emails is a simple step of stewardship that could go a long way. 

Find more Giving Day tips here or schedule some time to speak with me directly by using the calendar below! 🙂

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